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Textramedia is not like any other technology. But that’s what they all say.

So to give Textramedia some context, you could put it in the same category as the popular Amazon Kindle® or even the Apple iPad® as a place to start.

The Amazon Kindle has some pretty nice features such as a wireless electronic paper and reading device. The virtual notetaking highlighting is a key feature in the learning process and that is part of the vision of Textramedia.

The Arrington CrunchPad compares itself to the Kindle, a portable electronic reading device. Similarly the intuitive use of the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, dot paper, and desktop, may have features that fall into the same category as Textramedia.

Capturing information electronically is the first step. The step of learning is like the speed of implementation – he who “gets it” first is often the winner because applied knowledge gives you the edge. Learning reinforced with the system in Textramedia is designed to aid in retaining knowledge. TextraBook by Textramedia is the future of learning.

The future is ripe for devices that fine-tune the learning process. Textramedia is at the forefront.

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